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Moleküler Patoloji

Moleküler Patoloji Linkleri

Amino acid structure and properties (Inst of Chemistry, Berlin)
Antibody Resource Page (Educational Resources)
Applied Molecular Biology (Lab Manual)
Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology (Infobiogen)
Australian National Genomic Information Service (Biotech Portal)
Biotechnology Graphics Gallery (Access Excellence)
BRCA-1 Gene
BRCA-1 Gene (NCBI)
BRCA-2 Gene (NCBI)
Cell and Molecular Biology Online
Chromosome Translocations (
Clinical Genetics: A Self Study for Health Care Providers (Virtual Hospital)
Cytogenetics Gallery (U Washington)
DNA From the Beginning (Multimedia, Cold Sprg Harbor)
Enzyme Nomenclature Database
Ethical, Legal and Social Issues in Genomic Research
European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI)
GenBank (Publicly Available DNA Sequence Info)
Genetics and Molecular Biology (U Rochester)
Genetics Resources (U of Alberta)
Genome Data Base
Glossary of Genetic Terms (National Human Genome Research Inst)
Hardin Meta Directory for Allergy and Immunology
Human Genetics Problem Set (U Arizona)
Human Genome Guide - Click and view chromosomes (NCBI)
Human Genome Project Information
Immunologic Diseases (Karolinska Institute)
Immunology by Janis (Textbook adjunct)
Immunopathology Course Notes (Cornell)
Map of the Human Genome (NIH)
Medix: Molecular Biology Techniques (U Cape Town)
Mike's Immunoglobulin Structure/Function Home Page (Cambridge, UK)
Mitochondrial DNA Map (Emory)
Molecular Biologist's Desk Reference (NIH)
Molecular Biology Protocols
Molecular Diagnostic Tests (U Nebraska)
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM/NCBI)
Pedigree Interpretation (UIUC)
Pilot Studies for Proficiency Testing Using Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization With Chromosome-specific DNA Probes by GW Dewald, et. al
Ploidy Basics (R Siderits, MD)
Practical Molecular Biology
Primer on Molecular Genetics (Department of Energy)
Primer Protocols
Protocols (Practical Molecular Biology)
Research technique fact sheets (National Office of Science & Education Outreach)
A Users's Guide to the Human Genome (Free Text/Nature Genetics)
Web Biochemistry
Wonderful DNA Websites (Iowa State U)
WWW Genetics Resources (Washington University)


Moleküler Patoloji Organizasyonları
American Association of Immunologists (AAI)
Association for Glycogen Storage Diseases
Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP)
Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
British Society for Immunology (BSI)
European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO)
European Society for Analytical Cellular Pathology
International Cytokine Society (ICS)
National Bioethics Advisory Commission
National Center for Genome Resources
Office for Human Research Protections
Task Force on Genetic Testing

Moleküler Patoloji Dergileri
American Journal of Human Genetics (Some Full Text)
American Journal of Medical Genetics (Abstracts)
Annual Review of Genetics (Full Text)
Annual Review of Immunology (Full Text)
Applied Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology
Cell Online
Cell Proliferation (TOC)
Clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory Immunology (Abstracts)
Clinical & Experimental Immunology (Abstracts)
Clinical Proteomics
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology
European Journal of Immunogenetics (TOC)
Genomics Today (Full text)
Genes, Chromosomes, and Cancer (Abstracts)
Genes to Cells (TOC and Abstracts)
GeneScreen (TOC and Abstracts)
Genetics (TOC and Abstracts)
Human Molecular Genetics (TOC and Abstracts)
Immunology (TOC and Abstracts)
Immunology and Cell Biology (TOC)
Journal of Immunology (abstracts)
Journal of the European Molecular Biology Organization
Molecular Pathology (Full text trial)
Nature Genetics
Nature Immunology (Full text - temporary)
Nature Structural Biology
Scandinavian Journal of Immunology (TOC)
Seminars in Immunology (TOC)

Moleküler Patoloji Multimedya sunumları
Clinical Immunology Online (Req Shockwave)

.Moleküler Patoloji Kitapları

Cancer Cytogenetics: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology, 220) by J Swansbury, J Constant (2004)
Endocrine Pathology: Differential Diagnosis and Molecular Advances by RV Lloyd, LV Padura (2004)
Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases by J Decker, U Reischl, C Schnoor, M Schwore (2004)
Principles of Molecular Pathology by AA Killeen (2004)

Advanced Diagnostic Methods in Pathology: Principles, Practice, and Protocols by TJ O'Leary
Cancer Cytogenetics: Methods and Protocols by J Swansbury, J Constant (2003)
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology by DGB Leonard (2003)
Essentials of Apoptosis: A Guide for Basic and Clinical Research by XM Yin, Z Dong (2003)
Expression Profiling of Human Tumors: Diagnostic and Research Applications by M Ladanyi, WL Gerald, RL Kalich (2003)
Handbook of Biomedical Fluorescence by M Mycek, BW Pogue (2003)
Handbook of Proteomic Methods by PM Conn (2003)
Immunotechnology: Principles, Concepts and Applications by A Moran, J Gosling (2003)
Introduction to Molecular Medicine by DW Ross (2002)

Molecular Cytogenetics: Protocols and Applications by YS Fan (2002)
Molecular Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases by R Elles, R Mountford (2003)
Molecular Methods in Hemoglobin Disorders by RL Nagel (2003)
PCR Detection of Microbial Pathogens by K Sachse, J Frey, CF Ives (2003)
PCR Mutation Detection Protocols: Methods in Molecular Biology by BDM Theophilus, R Rapley (2002)
PCR Primer: A Laboratory Manual by CW Dieffenbach, GS Dveksler (2003)
PCR Protocols by JMS Bartlett, David Stirling (2003)
Principles of Molecular Pathology by AA Killeen (2003)
Protein Protocols Handbook by John M. Walker (2002)
RT-PCR Protocols by J O'Connell (2002)
Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms: Methods and Protocols by PY Kwok, CT Williford (2003)
Stem Cells Handbook by S Sell (2003)

Cellular Microbiology by P Cossart, P Boquet, S Normark, R Rappuoli
Clinical Immunology: An Introductory Text by RM Gorczynski, J Stanley
Introduction to Proteomics: Tools for the New Biology by DC Liebler (2001)
Minor Histocompatibility Antigens: From the Laboratory to the Clinic by D Roopenian
Molecular Analysis of Cancer by J Boultwood, C Fidler (2001)
The Molecular Basis of Blood Disease by G Stamatoyannopoulos, RM Perlmutter, PW Majerus, H Varmus
The Molecular Basis of Human Cancer by WB Coleman, GJ Tsongalis (2001)
Molecular Haematology by A Provan, J Gribben
Molecular Pathology of the Prions by HF Baker (2001)
Morphology Methods: Cell and Molecular Biology Techniques by RV Lloyd (2001)
Natural Killer Cell Protocols: Cellular and Molecular Methods by KS Campbell, M Colonna
Principles of Molecular Oncology by MH Bronchud, M Foote, WP Peters, MO Robinson
Protein Localization by Fluorescence Microscopy: A Practical Approach by VJ Allan
Veterinary Immunology: An Introduction by IR Tizard

Advances in DNA Damage and Repair: Oxygen Radical Effects, Cellular Protection, and Biological Consequences by M Dizdaroglu, AE Karakaya
Advances in Immunology by FJ Dixon
Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology by R Schekman, J Gerhart, L Goldstein
Apoptosis Detection and Assay Methods by L Zhu, J Chun
Catalog of Chromosome Aberrations in Cancer by F Mitelman (CD ROM)
cDNA Preparation and Characterization by SM Weissman
Cell Growth, Differentiation and Senescence: A Practical Approach by GP Studzinski
Cell Immortalization by A MacIeira-Coelho
DNA Simplified II: The Illustrated Hitchiker's Guide to DNA by DH Farkas
Expression Genetics: Differential Display by AB Pardee, M McClelland
Fluorescent and Luminescent Probes for Biological Activity: A Practical Guide to Technology for Quantitative Real-Time Analysis by WT Mason
Foundations of Structural Biology by LJ Banaszak
Fundamental Immunology by WE Paul
Gene Cloning and Analysis by RT-PCR by PD Siebert, JW Larrick
High Yield Cell and Molecular Biology by RW Dudek
The HLA Factsbook by SGE Marsh, P Parham, LD Barber
Human Cell Culture Volume II - Cancer Cell Lines Part 2 by JRW Masters, B Palsson
The IGF System: Molecular Biology, Physiology, and Clinical Applications by RG Rosenfeld, CT Roberts
The Immunoglobulin Receptors and Their Physiological and Pathological Roles in Immunity, Vol. 26 by JGJ Van De Winkel, PM Hogarth
Immunology by M Mamula
Molecular Cell Biology (with CD ROM) by H Lodish, A Berk, SL Zipursky, P Matsudaira
Nonviral Vectors for Gene Therapy by L Huang, MC Hung, E Wagner
NMDA Receptor Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) by M Li
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Immunology by G Spickett
Pancreatic Cancer: Advances in Molecular Pathology, Diagnosis & Clinical Management by FH Sarkar, MC Dugan
PCR Applications: Protocols for Functional Genomics by MA Innis, DH Gelfand, JJ Sninsky
A Practical Guide to Human Cancer Genetics by SV Hodgson, ER Maher
RNA Methodologies: A Laboratory Guide for Isolation and Characterization by RE Farrell
RNA-Protein Interaction Protocols by SR Haynes
Regulatory Peptides and Cognate Receptors by D Richter
Therapeutic Angiogenesis: From Basic Science to the Clinic by JA Dormandy, WP Dole, GM Rubanyi

The PCR Technique: Quantitative PCR by JW Larrick
Molecular Diagnostics: For the Clinical Laboratorian by WB Coleman, GJ Tsongalis
Molecular Pathology of Gastroenterological Cancer: Application to Clinical Practice by E Tahara

Gel Electrophoresis of Proteins and Nucleic Acids: Selected Techniques by RC Allen, B Budowle
Human Cancer in Primary Culture: A Handbook by JRW Masters


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